Used to provide a cooling process in plastic molding, shorten period of injection molding cycle and help accelerate product curing, greatly improve the plastic products surface and clarity, reduce marks from internal stress caused by slow curing so the product does not shrink nor deform and easy to demould.

Air Cooling Chiller merupakan mesin yang di gunakan untuk membantu proses molding plastik sehingga proses pencetakan barang plastik berlangsung lebih cepat dan juga membuat permukaan hasil produksi lebih bagus.

Chiller Molding

LF SERIES 5A and 10A 

Product Specifications:

Cooling Capacity (KW) 14.5

Kcal/h 15054

CompressorInput Power ( Kw) 4.5

Rated Power (Hp) 5

Power  3PH-380V50Hz

Evaporator Type: Shell and Tube

Pipe Diameter (inch) 1

Refrigerant Type :R22

Quantity (Kg) 2

Cooling Water Flow: 2.22

Condenser Type: Finned copper tube + Low Noise Outer Rotor Fan

Fan Power (w) 160 x 2

Water Tank Capacity ( Liter ) 30

Water Pump: Power (Kw) 0.75

Hp 1

Distance (m) 35

Flow Rate ( L/min) 110

Safety Protection: High and low pressure protection, Overload protection, Over temperature protection, Phase sequence protection, etc.

Dimensions L/W/H (mm) 1340 x 630 x 1046

Price Rp. 35.000.000 (LF5A)

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