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High Speed Precision Stamping Press Mechanical Machine is a power press is a very useful machine used in mass production mainly from cold working of ductile materials such as mild steel. Normally a power press has a rotating flywheel which acts like a storehouse of energy and is used to operate the ram which provides the necessary impact to the workpiece.

Particularly applied in the following industries:
1) Automobile Industry: Steel ring, vehicle body, chasis, axle housing, fuel tank, door, wheelbarrow tray and more.
2) Household Appliance Industry: Components for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, electric cooker etc.
3) Kitchen Ware Industry: Stainless steel utensil, LPG cylinder, cooking bench, etc.
4) Aluminum Cookware.

1. Compressing and pulling-out of shafts and sleeves.
2. Bending and deep-drawing of metal sheets.
3. Trimming, pressing, braking and punching of metal sheets.
4. Applicable for compressibility test.
5. Counter body and sheet metal parts.
6. OA steel furniture drawers and rail parts.
7. Air-conditioning cold air
achine’s shell parts.

Mesin stamping press mekanikal adalah mesin yang berkerja menggunakan tekanan terhadap suatu material menjadi bentuk yang diinginkan mengikuti cetakan (Dies) mesin. 

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Technical Parameters for Stamping Press Machine

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