Shearing machines are multipurpose devices used in the cutting of alloys and other sheet metal.

The Upper blade on the blade carrier and the lower blade fixed on the blade holders adopt reasonable blade clearance. Shear force is applied to the metal sheet of various thickness and separate the sheet according to the size of the required fracture

  1. Guillotine Shearing machine adopt ball screw,linear guide and servo motor to drive the back gauge with high positioning accuracy.

  2. Integrated steel welded structure,eliminate stress by vibration,with good rigidity

  3. Controller using optional DELEM or ESTUN

  4. Easy operation, reliable performance

Mesin Shear atau mesin potong untuk plat besi dengan berbagai pilihan ukuran panjang yang dapat disesuaikan berserta juga kekuatan memotong plat.

Power Machine International provides shearing machine for your needed with high precision cut through material. Price from Rp152.000.000 you can cut max. 4mm plat steel with length of 2500mm

Specification different with system CNC and NC

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Technical Parameters For Shearing Machine